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Writer & Producer

Producer and writer (based on) of the television show DOWN DOG (in development with Warner Horizons).


A yogi and a hedge fund queen start a world wide self-help movement, around the yogi's special ability to instantly change his followers lives, by turning them onto the present moment. But as the movements popularity explodes, the yogi's dark past surfaces and the hedge fund queen decides to go to any extreme in order to defend his image and her business.

Author of the novel in progress, "MARGA & MATT - a militant, vegan, love story.”


Near Future America.

The Great Pollen Collapse begins with a crash, when over 90% of America’s commercial bee population suddenly dies in the almond fields of California, sending shockwaves through the country’s industrial food system. Now as the food system comes apart at the seams, people go hungry, and Big-Food desperately plugs holes in the system, with Future-Foods rushed to market.

But in New-Brooklyn, now a sustainable green city that made The Switch long before The Collapse, two unlikely characters find love: Matt, an off the grid Street-P (homeless hunter-gather), and Marga, a Creagan (purity obsessed vegan). Nestled within the sustainable safety of New-B (New-Brooklyn), Marga & Matt swim into an intoxicating love affair. Until the struggling world outside of New-B comes crashing in, and Carni’s (industrial food junkies) over-run the farmers market looking for something to eat...

To see book excerpt "click" MARGA & MATT under the "Selected Work/Fiction" title.

Additionally, I’m the creator of the pioneering documentary about the rise of yoga in America, THE FIRE OF YOGA, narrated by Ali MacGraw, and, I’m a contributing writer and producer to OUTSIDE TELEVISION.